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Registration Screen

All the functions of this screen are described as numbered:

In the Registration Screen, you will notice the following main options:

You can click on Try to continue using the trial copy.

1. Register – After you buy the software, you can Register the software to receive the Unlock Code. This will ensure that you receive future updates and bug fixes.

To register your software, you have to buy a copy of Computer Cleaner 

If you have already purchased the software, Follow the instructions as sent to you in our purchase / welcome email. Or Simply follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to 

Here you will be asked to input your System ID and Email Address. The email address should be same as the one you used at the time of buying the software. 

Step 2: See (5) as to how your System ID will look. Input this system id and hit Submit. You will be shown your Unlock Code. Email us at  in case you have any questions or problems. 

Step 3: Click on Register to finish the registration.

2. Buy – Click on this tab if you want to purchase this software. If you intend to buy the software, click on the Buy button. This will take you to the
Buy Page .

3. Try – Click on this tab to download our free trial offer, which is valid for 30 days, and try out all the features of the complete version! 

Once you are fully satisfied at the end of your trial period,
simply click on BUY and utilize this software permanently at $ 19.99 only!

4. Enter Your Unlock Code: The Unlock Code will be immediately mailed to you on purchase of this software. This depends on the System Id of your copy of the software.

5. Your System Id is: This is an identification number that is unique to every machine on which the software runs.

6. Settings: Click on this button to go to the Settings Screen.

7. Add Custom Extension: Click on this button to go to the Add Custom Extension Screen.

8. Exit: Click on this button to quit the program.

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